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tv   Headline News  RT  June 22, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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fresh clashes in turkey police once again crackdown on rallying crowds in east and voles taksim square we have the latest from our own correspondent who was hit by water cannon while reporting from the country. the u.s. threatens hong kong that relations could suffer if it does not act quickly to send edward snowden back to the states after the n.s.a. whistleblower was charged with spying. and u.n. skepticism about washington's claim that syria's government used chemical weapons it doesn't stop the u.s. secretary of state pushing for coordinated military help for the rebels fighting assad.
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from moscow this is our team thomas glad to have you with us. turkish police are again cracking down on demonstrators in the country's two largest cities tear gas and water cannons to force the crowds out of the stumbles taksim square the focal point of the ongoing anti-government unrest while the capital is witnessing sporadic clashes as well as tom barton who was himself caught up in the violence has the latest. there i am in the turkish capital tension is now rising in response to what has just happened in tax him square of course all of this going back three weeks three groups of people that gathered in tax him square. thousands of people gathering there doing that as a memorial to at least four people who have so far been killed in these three weeks
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of clashes the police tactics they use. have been to charge crowds with water cannon which has happened in tax in square and has been happening night after night here in the capital where protests have also been ongoing when i was reporting from a street a police force a cannon drove up behind me as i was speaking into the camera and shot me in the back with a water cannon so a lot of this feeding into the accusations protests is that police are trigger happy gun ho and far too brutal justice ranged against the prime minister of egypt. and he's a k. party and the government seen by protesters as tool for a terrier on the other side of the government saying that there are extremist elements within the prison does that they have somehow been helped from outside by foreign influences perhaps and that they caused a lot of damage so
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a lot of mutual recrimination going on with tension growing especially when large crowds gather each scene is unfortunately the possibility for bloody clashes between police and protesters artie's dumbarton reporting for us the very end of course we're closely following the unrest in turkey on air and online as well at the r.t. dot com for instance updates and the live pictures from taksim square. washington is pressuring china to extra day it whistle blower ed. snowden who is in hiding in hong kong u.s. says the failure of the beijing to act quickly would complicate relations that is after prosecutors filed criminal charges against not in accusing him of espionage he leaked classified documents which first revealed the globe spanning high tech eavesdropping a network run by the n.s.a. or t's going to judge him has more edward snowden has been charged with espionage
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theft and conversion of government property now the u.s. justice department has also reportedly asked hong kong to arrest edward snowden the united states has an extradition treaty with hong kong and snowden could fight extradition if he's arrested there but the treaty has an exception for political offenses so snowden's defense team in hong kong may potentially invoke that part of the extradition treaty edward snowden's revelations as we all know have shed unprecedented light on the u.s. government's massive spying program here reveal that even if you're not doing anything wrong you're being watched and recorded and the obama administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers under the espionage act than all previous administrations combined but edward snowden. says it's not government persecution that he fears he said the greatest fear that i have regarding these revelations is that nothing will change another famous whistleblower julian a song has published
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a statement in support of snowden which was also full of criticism of president obama who were he leaks founder believes obama's promises of hope and change have been broken he also hit out at the u.s. president for the lack of transparency and persecuting whistleblowers while playing a judge jury and executioner all over the world geo political analyst and founder of stop imperialism dot com eric draitser thinks snowden will cause the white house even more headaches. diplomatic problems could arise but we also know that glenn greenwald along with snowden have not released all of the information it's entirely possible that they're holding something back to use as leverage particularly in that situation and i would also just like to add that those people who are demonizing snowden who are finding conspiracy theories within this they are the ones who are in fact tacitly supporting the police state the n.s.a. and the government essentially the argument goes that because we want to prevent
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the destruction of our open society and our democratic way of life we should therefore allow for the destruction of our democratic society an open way of life it is a circular argument and it makes no sense rather what we should be asking is why is such rampant criminality taking place in the united states all the way up the chain of command literally into the white house why is it that such a cohesive system has been created and the dialogue that comes out of that the discourse after the revelations of snowden is not about the legality it's not about the privacy issues it's about snowden it's about glenn greenwald it's about leakers and whistleblower this is mr direction and a distortion of the reality of the situation the reality is that the united states and the u.k. and its various partners have evolved into surveillance states. and while u.s. authorities are tracking down edward snowden another spy scandal has broken out at home chinese dissident itching chang received
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a whole pile of high tech gifts when he arrived in the u.s. last year but little did he know his a new gadgets were loaded with bugs our report on these allegations is coming up a little bit later in the program. revelations about global surveillance programs has put a u.k. spy agency in the spotlight now it's been collecting and storing huge amounts of sensitive personal data from online and telephone traffic and sharing it with its american allies artie's tests are still looks at the latest leak. certainly a new twists and it reveals a vast and compassing program operation in place by the few here in the u.k. it shows that they have been a collecting and storing vast quantities of information ranging from facebook posts to phone calls as well as internet even internet histories basically they have had
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access to fiber optic cables like carry the world's phone calls if you remember even the n.s.a. said that they did not record phone calls but according to these latest revelations by edward snowden that up to six hundred million quote unquote telephone events last year were recorded a day by you can imagine the vast amount of data that they are now able to tap into to store and to analyze and share with the u.s. is a national security agency or the n.s.a. if you look at the documents it snowden had provided the titles of some of the main components were mastering the internet or global telecom exploitation clearly there's no doubt as to what the objectives of these programs were having put them in the place and also the fact that the technology exists right now and that there have been in place for the last eighteen months is really a terrifying thought for private citizens because this kind of vast and compassing kind of technology does not distinguish between innocent private citizens and
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targeted suspects and that has brought up a concern of course of security versus infringement of privacy and also there's another point to be made here that the guardian believes that reported that about to people what access to the. database were about eight hundred fifty thousand and a city employees and private contractors with the top security clearance that's a lot of people with access to private information of u.k. citizens and beyond and also according to edward snowden the g c h q have been even worse than the u.s. in their spying efforts here in the exposed area of the british spy agencies that data collection has been cause for heated debate make sure you join the conversation on our facebook page. now some of those who are already there accuse the u.s. and the u.k. of putting up information smokescreens to engage in what the users call illegal and unjust wars others see the global spying revelations as proof society is turning more orwellian certain users called government snooping organized crime on
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a global scale but many more are not at all surprised by the revelations that governments are collecting people's data and mass take part in the debate and share your thoughts the address is at facebook dot com forward slash r t news. he. says. well still to come up later in the program there is no end to the violence in brazil as the country continues to be engulfed in massive protests despite the president promising reforms more and that after the break.
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we speak your language will not advance. your music programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you breaking news
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a little tonnage of angles kid stories. you hear. troy all teach spanish find out more visit. and welcome back you're watching our team at a meeting in qatar the foreign backers of the syrian opposition announced a plan to urgently step up aid for the rebels in the country but the so-called friends of syria did not immediately specify whether weapons would be part of the assistance the gathering comes just a week after the white house announced plans to provide the opposition with armaments yet in qatar the us secretary of state condemned president assad for accepting the assistance of foreign fighters from iran and lebanon kerry also reiterated that the regime crossed president obama's red line when it allegedly
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used chemical weapons since then the u.n. has cast doubt on claims that it was certainly damascus that was behind the use of poison gas policy it has more. united nations experts say that they do not concern the claims put forward by the united states britain and france that the damascus regime used chemical weapons against the syrian rebels they said that despite the fact that these three countries collected evidence on the ground such as blood tissue and soil samples it is inconclusive and that they would have to send their own investigators to conduct a personal investigation inside syria this is what the u.n. had to say we cannot say what they. were with that we cannot say what the agents were you know about weapons we cannot say who used them and we cannot say how they were even delivered we cannot say anything concrete so you are casting serious doubt into work the west has supplied the un. the us the british the french they have supplied what they say is verifiable proof they have they haven't
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but it's important to note that based on these unsubstantiated claims by the united states britain and france that aside chemical weapons last week the american president barack obama ordered the cia to. start supplying weapons to the syrian rebels he said to quote him that the damascus regime has crossed a red line and sit by washington now the russian president vladimir putin has reiterated that any supply of weapons to the syrian rebels is in violation of international law and he has warned that it will only further it destabilize the situation on the ground there to see but it's though lou i can barely understand why one would supply arms to the rebel groups in syria when we don't even know who those groups consist of if washington acknowledges one of the key bodies' of the opposition forces refer and as a terrorist organization officially and admits its links to al qaida how can they
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then debate that same opposition where would those weapons and up was the point that the russian president makes that we do not know who composes the opposition and way these weapons will end up is a point that is raising concern in the international community for twenty seven months this conflict has been going on and at this stage it seems to be showing no signs of letting up paula see our team on the israeli syrian border. political blogger karl charlotte says that flooding the country with weapons will only intensify the conflict and cause more and more deaths. i think it was a rainy and wise move and there have been and. probably see within policy circles within both britain and the u.s. warning of such moves and but i think the group collectively didn't pay attention to these kind of warnings about the possibility of going to eating the conflict for their hiring rebels though they are still not clear who they are
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or what their aims political aims would be if they do take power in syria so you've got really without exaggeration or recipe for disaster the bigger picture is every step of escalation is going to be followed by escalation from the other side there isn't going to be a magic moment when all the sides supporting this syrian regime are going to say well yes if you're going so intent on arming this unit rebel intervening in syria well we're going to walk out of this to ation and it's a very serious risk inflaming the conflict further and further and intensifying in my going to you and by putting all that on the fire by sending in more weapons. and if you missed something on air you can always catch up on our headlines and all of our other stories online and here's a quick look at what we have waiting for you there right now. workers at a nuclear plant in washington state detect elevated radioactivity levels and now fear that a tank containing highly radioactive waste is leaking into the soil plus. just
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imagine having a nice dinner with your family when out of the blue a car smashes into a restaurant table these breathtaking images were caught by c.c.t.v. in australia visit artes you tube channel for another look luckily everyone in this case survived their supper without any severe injuries. brazil has seen another round of mass protests with reports of police clashing with a demonstration in the southeastern city of belo horizonte reports are emerging that a number of people have been injured during the violence this comes just a day after president dilma rousseff addressed the nation pledging government reforms this was not enough to calm protesters who remain disappointed with her economic policy and the high cost of staging the world cup. you. explains. reports of a second death in massive protests all over brasil are being more anger and
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violence to their ongoing rallies the first victim an eighteen years old demonstrator died in the state of south paolo after car crashed through a barricade and the driver prayed at least sixty people have been injured brazil is witnessing historic rallies taking place across the country and some estimates say from one up to two million people flooded the streets of more than one hundred cities what started as a rally over transport first house turned into a violent mass demonstration and police crackdown police used tear gas paper spray and rubber bullets some of the protesters threw stones to torch cars and pulled down posts in real crowds marched against corruption police brutality poor public services and excessive spending on the world cup their banners called for change saying like stop corruption and government failure to understand education will lead to revolution crowds could gathered in the capital brasilia try to torch the
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building of the foreign ministry were also met with a harsh police response brazilian authorities agreed to make a step forward and drop they are moved over but first increase but protesters claim it's too little too late with protests fevers creating fast across the nation demonstrators promised in the next days there will be more protests. brazil's economy has grown considerably in the last decade rising to sixth in the list of the largest economies in the world that's why journalist and a blogger marie see some very real say believes the protest is not about money but the inability of the government to deal with failed policies. i would compare very much to the situation in chile a few years ago in chile as we're protesting against the high prices for education that chile has a massive middle class which brazil has just gotten after fifty years of successful
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achievement of big achievement for brazil a druggie forty million people out of poverty and other things i would say that this is the first revolt of the middle class of a classic middle class in a certain way in decades and people are wondering if they could get better services and they could get better education better and better health it is not exactly above the economy because brazil's pretty much living through full employment and it's not doing that terribly compared to european countries i would say the protests in brazil they cook for a very long but then when they happen lots of issues and this is the biggest one in all of time in a long long time so most of the issues brought about now are basically discontent with how government works we have full coverage of the brazilian unrest on our you tube channel you can head there right now for the latest videos and on the spot report as well as much much more. chinese dissident chen guangcheng has allegedly been spied on after america granted him asylum electronic
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equipment he received as a gift on arrival in the u.s. was bugged with tracking devices he got the parcel from the activist group china aid which denies responsibility and has asked the f.b.i. to investigate. as more. just a few weeks following revelations about america's prism spying program on another surveillance story is on folding this one surrounding chinese activist chen guangcheng the blind decided to move to the u.s. last may with his family after reportedly escaping a dramatic house arrest in china treated as a hero and symbol of democracy chen received a fellowship at n.y.u. new york university he also received an apartment in greenwich village and many tech gadgets that were donated by his supporters right now while corning to reuters a smartphone an i pod that chen received upon arriving to new york was loaded with
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it in spine software allegedly used to spy on the self-taught lawyer and why you technicians inspected the electronics reportedly finding software that allowed a third party to secretly connect to a g.p.s. that was able to track him according to reports also there's been published reports indicating that there was a heated password protected software that backed up all the contents on his i pad and or i phone and that allowed the contents to be remotely access to buy a server according to reports at least three other electronic devices given to china also included suspicious software but it is not clear who was responsible for the allegedly spying software however what chen supporters say is clear is that a man who gained international recognition for standing up for human rights in china comes to america where he allegedly finds himself living under
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a veil of surveillance reporting from new york. r.t. . now a quick look at some other news making headlines around the world for you this hour at least fourteen people have been killed by a suicide bomb in the iraqi capital baghdad explosives went off in a mosque wounding twenty five people during evening prayers another nine people died in separate attacks across the country earlier in the day there has been a surge in sectarian attacks and in the past month has been the bloodiest in the last five years. tens of thousands of workers from across italy have come out on strike in rome in protest against austerity measures and high unemployment and called on the. new government to increase growth and safeguard workers' pensions this has been the first major protest since prime minister led to took office after an inconclusive election in february the e.u.
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country is suffering its longest recession since records began and has seen many protests of late. and. you're looking at pictures provided by our tease at new video agency ruptly hundreds rallying in support of same sex marriages in berlin there wavering a rainbow colored flags the sign of their movement this is an annual march attended by millions of people to show tolerance for gay couples weddings and relations german society it remains a split over the issue while president obama in a recent speech at the city's brandenburg gate stressed the importance of providing sexual minorities with basic human rights. well up next with the dead numbering in the tens of thousands are to travel to one of the most dangerous cities on earth you want to mexico to report on the country's war against the drug cartels.
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i know they tracked the approval ratings of the presidents of various countries by did though they still research the approval ratings of former presidents twice and gallup poll that says that george w. bush has been slowly growing in his approval numbers since leaving office in fact his numbers have increased by seventeen percent amongst independents and even his in three rival democratic voters have given him fourteen percentage points of popularity i think this may be due to the fact that obama's magic has worn off and people are getting fed up with things belonging for the bush days is insane if you are one of the people who has recently decided that bush is awesome and please tell me how he differs from obama true obama can pronounce ninety nine percent of the words on a teleprompter in front of him but both presidents have let expensive wars with questionable objectives bush gave us the patriot act and obama continued it with
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the n.d.a. both of them seem to like their drones and massive government spending and expansion i don't know i don't think that just because obama's rules flawed that somehow makes bush's reign into some sort of triumph but that's just my opinion.
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this vehicle was peck's because usually all policemen undergo control there are police officers that are connected to a legal activities. there might be traces or someone might have taken drugs there was a smell left over but it's we have to investigate. any possibility that he might be carrying drugs.
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began being active in urban areas. rose three hundred percent. it's a fifty caliber machine gun it can penetrate and it's one of the most powerful guns we've confiscated from organized crime. right now in the warehouse. we have. with these guns you could military units two to three battalions of five hundred.
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this is a fifty six caliber machine gun it takes run belts and it's function is automatic. small machine gun. and this is an uzi. this is the ar fifteen. this is a high precision. yes this is a short. in one hand here's a rocket launcher the gangsters years. and here we have confiscated. twelve tons in total money one way of cocaine heroin different substances for the preparation of crystal meth materials for.


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